The Treasurer's Office is responsible for the tax billing, collection and distribution of real estate, personal property and motor vehicle taxes, special assessments and other miscellaneous taxes for the county, cities, townships, school districts and other taxing entities of Ottawa County.  In addition, this office serves as an agent for the Kansas Department of Revenue, Division of Vehicles in regard to vehicle titles and registrations; and a satellite station for Kansas driver's licenses.

Tax Collection

Tax statements are mailed in early November of each year.  Taxpayers have the option of paying the full or first half amount by December 20th; the last half is due May 10th of the following year.  There are no second half tax statements mailed.  Tax statements can be paid in the office, by phone (785-392-3129), by mail, or on-line at If you are paying in the office or over the phone please have your tax statements. You now can sign-up to receive an e-mail notification reminding you that your taxes are due. To take advantage of this free service go to Elected Officials and then under Treasurer click on e-mail notification. Once there fill in your name and e-mail address and submit. If you choose to sign-up you will receive an e-mail notification two weeks before the tax due date. 

Real Estate Tax

If a first half or full tax is unpaid as of December 21st, interest becomes due and payable. After May 10th the full amount plus interest is due.  Real estate tax that is unpaid will be published in the designated county newspaper three times in August.  Tax on real estate that is delinquent for three years is eligible for tax foreclosure sale.

Personal Property

If the first half or full tax is unpaid as of December 21st interest becomes due.  Personal property not paid at least in half by December 21st then must be paid in full plus interest.  If personal property taxes are delinquent you will not be able to renew any vehicle tags until the delinquent tax is paid in full. 

Protesting Taxes

A tax may be protested if you have not met with the county appraiser in regard to the valuation of your property for the current tax year.  Protest forms are available from the County Treasurer's Office or a form can be printed from the Kansas Board of Tax Appeals web site:  The protest form must be completed, signed and filed when the tax is paid on or before December 20th.  An exception is if a tax is paid by a mortgage company in full by December 20th, then the taxpayer has until January 31st to file the protest form.

Vehicle Tags and Titles

The Treasurer's Office processes tag renewals, titles and transfers, duplicate, secured or reissued titles, handicap placards, temporary permits, and many other transactions.  Hours for this section are 8 a.m. -  4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday.


Residents of Ottawa County may renew tags on line at, by mail, by phone, or in person at the County Treasurer's Office.  If renewing by phone or in the office please have your tag number and insurance information with you.  Renewals are based on the first letter of the last name on the schedule below:

Heavy Trucks and Trailers:  January 1 - February 28

 Last Name      Last Day to Renew
 A  February 28 / 29
 B  March 31
 C, D  April 30
 E, F, G  May 31
 H, I  June 30
 J, K, L  July 31
 M, N, O  August 31
 P, Q, R  September 30
 S  October 31
 T, V, W  November 30
 U, X, Y, Z  December 31

A vehicle owner must show proof of current insurance on each vehicle being renewed; this includes a current expiration date.

If you did not receive your vehicle renewal notice from the State please click the following link to reprint them.

Titling a Vehicle

When purchasing a new or used vehicle an owner has 60 days from the purchase date on the back of the title to complete the transaction without penalty.  The title and proof of insurance can be brought to the Treasurer's Office for this process.  Other documentation may be required depending on the transaction.

Types of Tags

There are many types of tags available to Kansas residents.  Listed below are some of the options:

Standard, Antique, Personalized, College/University, Motorcycle, Motorized Bike, Combat Wounded, Disabled Veteran, Ex-Prisoner of War, National Guard, US Veteran, Pearl Harbor Survivor, Amateur Radio, Children's Trust Fund, Agri-Tag, and others.

Please contact the Treasurer's Office for tag and title inquiries.  If additional forms are needed they can be obtained from the Kansas Department of Revenue web site:

Driver's License

The Ottawa County Treasurer's Office can process Kansas DL renewals with an eye test.  Instruction permits, farm permits and restricted licenses can be processed with proper driver's education completion forms and a birth certificate.  Identification cards and duplicate licenses can be completed with appropriate identification.  There are a few different ways that an address change can be handled.  First you can go online to - this will allow you to print a paper to carry with your license.  Second, you can come into the office and fill out a paper to carry with your license, or you can opt to receive a new license.  If you opt to do a new license you will be required to bring in proof of current address.