The Ottawa County Solid Waste Department is in charge of operation of the County Landfill. 

The Landfill is located in Section 12 of Henry Township.  Driving directions are as follows:  from Minneapolis - one mile north on 120th Rd, turn west on Mulberry Road to 50th Road (7 miles), south two miles to Kiowa Rd, and east one-half mile.  From Hwy K18 travel to 40th Road, turn north to Kiowa Rd (7 miles), and one-half mile each of Kiowa Road.

Items for the Landfill should be sorted.  Household trash should be bagged and put in trash bins located inside the entrance.  There is a place for metal and a place for wood.  Save time and have things sorted before you arrive.  Transporting waste that is not bagged must be covered or tied down to prevent loss of material along roads.

Hazardous waste products will not be accepted at the Landfill.  They should be taken to the Hazardous Waste facility in Salina.

Disposal Rates

 Construction/Demolition $42.00/ton
 Minimum Charge  $10.00
 Minimum Charge w/ mailed statement        $20.00
 Tires up to 15" $3.00 ea.
 Tires 16" to 20" $6.00 ea.
 Tires 21" to 38" $15.00 ea.
 Tires 39" and larger $40.00 ea.


Solid Waste Plan

Disposal of Dilapidated House

Hazardous Waste (Salina, KS)

Household hazardous wastes (HHW's) are wastes generated in the home that are considered to be hazardous and are potentially a serious health risk.  HHW's include waste items that are flammable, toxic, reactive, or corrosive.  Items that will be accepted include:

  • Household cleaners
  • Pesticides
  • Paint and Paint products
  • Antifreeze, engine and transmission, oil, brake fluid

Each participant will be limited to 5 gallons of liquid or 50 pounds of household hazardous waste weekly per residential household visit.  The facility is open to residents in Saline, Ellsworth, Ottawa, and Lincoln counties.  BUSINESS WASTE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.


  • Empty containers or containers where the product is dried out may be thrown away.
  • Check containers - make sure lids are tight.
  • Make sure products are labeled.
  • Pack each waste in a sturdy container, such as a tub or box.  Line the bottom and pack the sides with newspaper or other absorbent material.
  • Wrap leaking or dirty individual containers in a clean plastic bag and pack each item in a large container with absorbent material, such as 'kitty litter' to soak up leaks.
  • Transport the materials in your automobile trunk, rear of your station wagon or truck bed.
Household Hazardous Waste Facility Operations paid by Salina Municipal Solid Waste Facility