Got a dream to create your own business or move your business to Ottawa County?

Want to grow or adapt your business to capture new opportunities in the market place?

Know before you grow!

Whether you are pursuing a dream or making plans, it's never to early to learn about the incentives and resources your county and the State of Kansas provide to encourage business expansion and job creation.

Your Economic Development office is dedicated to promoting Ottawa County as a first-class community for families and businesses.

Ideal family environment

  • small town living
  • a truly caring community
  • affordable homes in peaceful neighborhoods
  • rural acreage of all sizes in our picturesque Kansas countryside
  • exceptional schools with abundant opportunities to excel

Ideal business climate

  • low cost of operating
  • proximity to cross-country interstate highways
  • a workforce that takes pride in giving a full day's work
  • supportive services and business-friendly government
  • a great fit for all - from home-based endeavors to full-scale manufacturing

If you're interested in . . .

  • relocating your family to Ottawa County
  • operating a business in Ottawa County
  • expanding your exising Ottawa County business
  • starting a new business in Ottawa County
  • or improving your exisisting Ottawa County business


January 26, 2011 - Economic Development 101

sponsored by your Ottawa County Commission

Nearly every corner of the county was represented by business owners, residents and elected officials, which is a very good indication that many recognize the need to invest in the economic development of Ottawa County.  Those who attended received a realistic, down-to-earth overview of what economic development can be for our communities from two Department of Commerce Business Development Center representatives who have lived the process in communities just like ours as Chamber of Commerce directors, Economic Development directors and regional program directors.

Economic Devolpment 101 Summary (PDF)